Our Vision

By celebrating our unique differences, we aim to create an inclusive environment where we will all have opportunities to flourish and thrive.

Our Mission

Highfield will be a home away from home where we will learn to live together and accept each other.
Through a close connection with our community, we will create an environment that is safe, fair, honest, respectful and fun.

Highfield students will be optimistic and taught how to be good listeners, learners, thinkers and eventual leaders. Because mistakes are part of our everyday lives, we will instil resilience and a growth mindset into our way of thinking so we can face life’s challenges with grace. As a result, we will become solutions-focused, using innovation, creativity and collaboration to help solve problems.

Highfield will be a positive environment where students have access to a wide range of opportunities and possibilities. This will motivate them to set their own high expectations and be excited about their future pathway and successes.

He Aroha whakato, he aroha puta mai.
If kindness is sown, kindness you shall receive.

Stu Wilcox


Our Values

Highfield students are:


We are positive about learning. We have enthusiasm for learning. We strive to do our best. We set high standards and take pride in our efforts.


We respect and value others. We are interested in and sensitive toward others. We are responsible for ourselves and to others and our environment.


We use our imagination, think laterally and take interesting approaches in a range of context. We can reflect on our learning. We have the skills to question, gather, sort and use information.


We make choices and accept responsibility for our choices. We keep trying.


We know our strengths. We take ownership of our actions.

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